YMCA Awards, International courses


YMCA Awards is the UK’s leading awarding organisation for health, fitness and wellbeing qualiYMCA_Awards Approved centre_SQ_RGBfications. YMCA Awards is not only a strongly established UK awarding organisation, but is fast gaining recognition and respect across the World. YMCA Awards has centres based in a number of European and Middle Eastern countries plus India and South Africa. FAF Finland is on of those centers who are providing these YMCA Awards trainings.

YMCA Awards is one of the most important organisations in the lives of anyone building a career in the leisure sector. Our professional qualifications and learning resources have enabled thousands of people to start and progress their careers. From 1st June 2015, Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) will have a new name – YMCA Awards. YMCA Awards

FAF Finland is YMCA Awards approved centre. It means that FAF in entitled to provide International Personal Trainer and International Group Exercise Instructor courses. These are the only international courses here in Finland. More information about the International Personal Trainer course you can find from here and for the Group Exercise Instructor course from here. FAF started these International courses in 2010 and over 150 people have been qualified from these courses. These YMCA Awards Personal Trainer trainings are also authorized by Finnish Health and Fitness Center’s Association (SKY ry) and after the training you are entitled to apply membership in Authorized Personal Trainer -register here in Finland. You can also apply membership in EREPS which is a register in Europe level (not an official).

Check the upcoming courses from here.

CYQ eli Central YMCA Qualifications muuttuivat 1.6.2015 lähtien YMCA Awards -tutkinnoiksi. YMCA Awards on  Iso-Britannian johtava liikunta- ja hyvinvointialan koulutuksia ja tutkintoja järjestävä organisaatio. YMCA Awards on kansainvälisesti tunnustettu ja YMCA organisaatio tunnistetaan joka puolella maailmaa. YMCA Awards koulutuksia järjestetään Europassa useassa eri maassa ja Suomessa näitä koulutuksia toteuttaa FAF Finland. Nämä koulutukset ovat ainoat kansainväliset koulutukset Suomessa. International Personal Trainer -koulutus sekä International Group Exercise Instructor -koulutus ovat olleet FAF:n koulutusohjelmissa jo vuodesta 2010 lähtien ja valmistuneita näistä koulutuksista on jo yli 150.