International Diploma in Personal Training

FAF International Diploma in Personal Training course is a leading fitness certification course offered in Finland. Teaching and all the materials are in English. This YMCA Awards training is also authorized by the Finnish Health and Fitness Center’s Association (SKY ry) and after the training you are entitled to apply membership in Authorized Personal Trainer -register here in Finland. JOIN THE MAILING LIST


  • 135 hours (contact lessons)
  • 324,50 €/month for 12 months (3894 €) or one-time payment of 3310 €
  • Helsinki
  • Ennakkovaatimukset:

    1. Open to everyone
    2. 18 years of age


The study days are:
Mandatory Unit module / level 2: 8.-9.2., 29.2.-1.3., exam day 14.3.
Fitness Instructing parts / level 2: 28.-29.3., 25.-26.4., practical assessment day 16.5.2020
Personal Training parts / level 3: 8.-9.8., 29.-30.8., 19.-20.9.,24.-25.10., practical assessment day 14.11.2020.

Training center: Fressi Clubhouse, Tyynylaavantie 20, 00980 Helsinki.

Price: 324,50 €/month for 12 months (3894 €) or one-time payment of 3310 € (15 % discount)

The price includes VAT (24 %). Everyone can apply to this course.

Join the mailing list: by joining the mailing list you get 150 € saving off the regular course price when you sign-up for the course.

FAF was the first one to start Personal Trainer education in Finland in 1997. In June 2010 FAF became the first CYQ approved international training organisation in Finland. Due to this approval the internationally valued YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training qualification can now be found in FAF’s selection of courses.


Acclaimed FAF International Diploma in Personal Training is the only international educational programme for fitness professionals in Finland. The programme will provide the candidate with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to work in a fitness centre or as a self-employed personal trainer. After the training the candidate will be able to provide personal guidance, give advice on nutrition, carry out common fitness tests and plan fitness programmes that aid the progress of the client, taking their personal needs into consideration. In addition the successful candidates will receive an internationally appreciated license that will qualify for European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) membership, which will enable the candidates to work abroad as a personal trainer.

Form and content

International Diploma in Personal Training –programme will be taught in English and the manuals are also in English. The programme will take approximately 10 months including 19 days (130 hours) of face to face learning and use of a comprehensive eLearning platform, written reports and practical assessments. During the studies students will take four theory exams and two practical assessments. One does not need specific qualifications in order to enroll; therefore no education in the field of fitness and exercise is needed. We will, however, interview all the applicants in order to provide extra information regarding the programme and to view the applicant’s motivation and needs.


  • Anatomy and physiology for exercise, Level 2 & 3
  • Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity
  • Planning gym-based exercise
  • Instructing gym-based exercise
  • Applying the principles of nutrition as a part of a personal training programme
  • Programming personal training with clients
  • Delivering personal training session

The evaluation of the training consists homework, theory assessments, writing of the required reports and practical assessments and successful completion of online training. After having passed all the parts of the evaluation the candidates will receive both FAF International Personal Trainer license and YMCA Diploma in Personal Training license. The successful candidates can also apply for level 3 REPS membership and they will be granted 20 REPS approved Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

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